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Tessarin.net is in the information technology business from more than 10 years, and his team of collaborators can
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Tessarin.net is a team of skilled professionals for years in computer science and programmers specialized in web oriented technologies in able to support the needs of customers in their online activities. In recent years the team has received and repaid the faith of tens of customers who have entrusted us with ever more elaborate projects both from a technical point of view that procedural integration. There has always been the knowledge that customer satisfaction and the achievement of agreed targets would be only possible through the availability and flexibility combined with a passion for new technologies and new trends in the world of computing.


Of equal importance are the continuous development of the skills of the team members, listening skills and the correct interpretation of customer needs, and above all the ability to implement them. Our offer is based mostly on custom software for specific needs but able to use modules already developed covering a variety of needs, from issues CRM, logistics, document portals, supply and order management cycle up to cards customers and reporting.


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